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Chemistry Preliminary (Yr 11) and HSC (Yr 12) Tutoring


Chemistry provides students with an understanding of matter and its interactions. It focuses on investigating the physical and chemical properties of substances, chemical reactions and processes, and the interaction of energy and matter, and explain events at the atomic and
molecular level.

Chemistry aims to provide learning experiences through which students will:

  • acquire an understanding about matter and its interactions, development of concepts and their application to personal, social, economic, technological and environmental situations

  • progress to the understanding of models and concepts and to the use of generalised terms related to chemistry from the collection and organisation of information to problem-solving and the use of communication skills.

  • develop a positive attitude towards the study of living things, the environment and recognising the importance of evidence and the use of critical evaluation of different scientific opinions related to various aspects of chemistry.

Year 11 Preliminary Course

TERM 1 - 2016

The Chemical Earth       7 weeks

Metals (commence)      3 weeks


TERM 2 - 2016

Metals (conclude)         4 weeks

Water                              7 weeks


TERM 3 - 2016

Energy                            7 weeks

Exam preparation        3 weeks

HSC Chemistry Tutoring - Wisdom Education

Year 12 HSC Course

TERM 4 - 2015

Production of Materials                                        9 weeks

Exam preparation                                                  2 weeks


TERM 1 - 2016

The Acidic Environment                                         9 weeks

Exam preparation                                                   2 weeks


TERM 2 - 2016

Chemical Monitoring and Management             9 weeks

Exam preparation                                                   2 weeks


TERM 3 - 2016

HSC Trials Preparation                                          3 weeks

Option topic - Industrial Chemistry                    7 weeks


Spring Holidays - 2016

HSC Exam Preparation                                          2 weeks

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