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Starting in Term 1 of Year 4, the Opportunity Class Test Course is significant for students who intend to sit for the OC Placement Test.

This course is specifically designed for current Year 4 students and consists of weekly tests which assess knowledge and performance under exam conditions. By sitting OC Tests, students systematically revise the entire course and can be confidently prepared for the OC Placement Test.

Wisdom Education - Year 4 - OC Test Course

Wisdom Education - OC, Selective School & HSC Specialists - Lidcombe tutoring centre

The Path to OC Success

"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later" - Og Mandino

Year 4 - Term 1
OC Foundation Course
Year 4 - Term 2
OC Test Course
Year 4 - Winter Holiday
OC Test Course
Year 4 - Term 3
OC Test Course

What are Opportunity Classes?

Opportunity Classes (OC) are not in every public school, but are established in one school in each area. Please refer to this link for a listing of Schools with Year 5 Opportunity Classes -

Children gain opportunity class placement on the basis of academic merit. The main criteria for determining academic merit are Opportunity Class Placement Test results combined with school assessments. Comments made by parents and principals may be considered at the discretion of the selection committee.

Some general characteristics of gifted and talented children are listed below. It is important to note that academically gifted and talented children will not necessarily demonstrate all of these characteristics.

Is your child gifted?​ A gifted child:

  • learns rapidly and quickly grasps new concepts

  • has an excellent memory

  • is creative or imaginative, e.g. produces many ideas or is highly original

  • is independent - may prefer to work alone

  • has a keen sense of humour

  • may be highly motivated, particularly in self-selected tasks

  • has unusual or advanced interests

  • demonstrates exceptional critical thinking skills or problem-solving ability

  • may have superior leadership and interpersonal skills

  • frequently asks in-depth, probing questions

  • may demonstrate a high degree of social responsibility or moral reasoning

  • possesses a large, advanced vocabulary

  • has superior insight and the ability to draw inferences or is intuitive

  • is an advanced reader either in English or in the home language.


OC Lesson Breakdown

Our OC lessons are 3 hours in duration. The main area focus is to train our students to take the OC tests using the most efficient methods. In the real OC test, students are allowed 30 minutes to answer 30 questions (for each part), that is equivalent to 1 minute per question. We believe that students will walk into the exam more focused and equiped to handle the time constraints of the test by continuously practicing and repeating exam style questions under exam conditions.


The tests are comprised of 2 parts. After each part, the teacher will work through each question with students. Not only will your child understand the methodology behind the solution, but he or she will also be taught how to arrive at the solution FASTER.

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