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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we need to take an entrance test before enrolling?

A. Yes. Each and every intending Primary School student needs to sit for an assessment test in Mathematics, English and General Abilities without exception. Assessment tests are marked on the spot and we provide on the spot feedback on the level of each subject.


Assessment test results will indicate an appropriate level of your child. After the test, an interview session with the Principal will be arranged for you and your child and you will be able to discuss any educational matters including enrolment procedures. 

Q. What is the Selective School Trial Test Course?

A. The Trial Test Course teaches students the exam skills which are essential to their successful performance in the Selective High School tests or OC Placement tests.


Students will take exams with specimen papers, which include variations of questions from past papers and also anticipated questions for that year's tests. After the completion of the tests, students will review all questions with the teacher.


Tests are given under strict exam conditions and students experience the "real thing" well in advance. When the actual exam comes up, students are less worried and more confident because they know what to expect.

Q. How do you assess students' progress?

A. Every term, class tests will be held to help teachers write progress reports more accurately. A student advisor will also use those test results to grade students and inform the parents. Parents will receive detailed test results and individual reports at the end of the term.

Q. Are the students given a lot of homework?

​A. For students who are new to tutoring, it may first seem like a lot of work. However, after attending for 1-2 terms, most students have no problems completing their task. We suggest setting aside 45 minutes to 1 hour per day for homework.


Each week, students receive one Module of work per book which needs to be completed by the following class session. Completion of homework tasks is essential for their learning development and parental support is expected.


Students are offered a FREE homework help servce from Monday - Saturday. Please see our courses page for more information on Homework Help Classes.

Q. Do you provide One-on-One tutoring?

A. Yes. One-on-One tutoring can be provided to students who require special attention with a particular area of study. This is available to all students (Primary, High School and HSC) and all subjects.


The One-one-One private tutoring service is particularly popular with students who are struggling with an assignment, or simply require a little more assistance to study for an exam.


If you would like One-on-One help, please feel free to contact us directly on

(02) 8021 7636.



Q. Do I pay upfront or can I pay week by week?

A. The term's tuition fees are paid upfront and in advance. If your child is sick or likely to miss a class, you are more than welcome to attend the next available class or ask for more assistance in our free Homework Help classes.


If you are not a position to pay upfront we provide an Autopay system where an automatic direct debit is deducted from a savings account and/or credit card to cover the weekly tuition fees.

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