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HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Tutoring


HSC Mathematics Extension 1 at Wisdom Education will assist students to gain critical thinking skills to solve complex problems in your exams.


The content of this course, which includes the whole of the 2 Unit course, is intended for students who have demonstrated a mastery of the skills included in the Year 7 - Year 10 mathematics course and who are interested in the study of further skills and ideas in mathematics.


As well as doing the Mathematics course, students will also take on the following Extension 1 topics:


TERM 4 / 2015

  • Plane Geometry

  • Coordinate methods in geometry

  • Applications of geometrical properties

  • Basic Arithmetic and Algebra


TERM 1 / 2016

  • Methods of integration 

  • Primitive of sin 2x and cos 2x

  • Velocity and acceleration as a function

    of x


TERM 2 / 2016 

  • Projectile motion

  • Simple harmonic motion

  • Inverse functions and inverse trigonometric functions

  • Induction


TERM 3 / 2016 

  • Binomial theorem

  • Further probability

  • Iterative methods for numerical estimation of the roots of a polynomial equation

  • Harder applications of HSC 2 Unit topics

  • Revision

  • Mock Trial Tests

  • Mock HSC Tests


TERM 4 / 2016 - HSC

  • HSC examinations


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