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11 July - 13 July (3 days)     [9:00 am - 3:00 pm]

Jump into an introductory COMPUTER COURSE and learn Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, conduct effective research on the internet and speed typing!

Day 1 - Microsoft Word course



  • Identify the main components of the user interface.

  • Identify the purpose of the commands on the menu bar.

  • Perform basic tasks by using a word processor.

  • Edit and format text.

  • Work with pictures.

  • Work with language tools (spell check, dictionary, thesaurus).

Day 2 - Microsoft PowerPoint course



  • Presentation basics

  • Creating your title slide

  • Adding new slides

  • Changing slide layouts

  • Inserting clip art and images

  • Hyper linking to other slides, other files, or the Internet

  • Slide designs, colours and backgrounds

  • Basic animations

  • The slide master

Day 3 - Adobe Photoshop course


  • Use basic selection tools and edge refinement to isolate and edit parts of an image.

  • Manipulate layers through ordering, positioning, scaling, rotation, and adjustments.

  • Create composite images that demonstrate advanced selection and layering techniques.

  • Prepare images for Web and print output with appropriate sizing and resolution.

  • Create adjustment layers for editable, non-destructive changes to image coloration and exposure.

  • Apply special effects to typography using masks, paths, and layer styles.

  • Use preset brushes and custom brushes to colorize images, enhance images, and build illustrations.

  • Stylize images by combining filters with blending and masks.

  • Evaluate and correct image imperfections using the Info panel, adjustment layers, and retouching tools.

We recommend students to bring in their own laptops. Alternatively, laptops (windows 10) can be provided.


Student limit: 14 students per day

Pricing: POA

To enrol, call (02) 8021 7636 or visit our office at Lidcombe

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