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Selective School SUCCESS!

Congratulations to all of our Year 6 students in their Selective School success. The highest score attained by one of our students was 243 which goes to show that students who work hard and set their goals can achieve phenomenal results.

Stacy is an outstanding student who encompasses drive and passion along with a tenacious determination for success. Stacy has been a student of Wisdom Education for the past 3 years, she undertook the GEMW core course along with our Selective Testing Course. She put in a great deal of effort during the summer holidays before the March exam and undertook our Summer Selective Testing program, which saw her average spike in comparison to her normal average.

As a result, Stacy was offered a position at Sydney Girls High School. She and her family couldn't be happier. Congratulations again to our top achieving student!

Wisdom Education Selective School SUCCESS

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